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Prayer is the Secret Place of Fire! — 4 Comments

  1. Sooo Good!!
    What a Gift to be able to partner with the Creator in releasing Light and Life and Truth into the Creation, as darkness death and deception, defeated at the Cross already, is completely removed!! How Great is our Father’s Love!!
    We, with unveiled faces, behold the Glory of His Image and reflect Him fully and completely into His Beloved Children.
    For me this is literal. The Father asked me to remove the veil of the false which had become my idol worship through makeup and wardrobe.
    It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I wept when it happened for the fear of the backlash, and I was right. But exactly how He’s described it through you Deborah, is exactly right. His is The Beautiful Presence, the only Truly Beautiful Presence which exists.
    What a delight to be able to bring Joy into the Father’s Heart as His Beloved Child. Partnering in the Freedom for His Creation He so loves and cherishes.
    I’ve always wanted to know I’m cherished. My name is Cheri, and when I entered my name on this site it came up as Cherish, I was going to change it, but the Spirit stopped me…He’s restoring ALL of the years the locust has eaten….just like He’s Promised!! :)
    God bless you beautiful lady. :)

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