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  1. Who because of their beliefs will cause the word of God to have no effect on their lives. This is a day a time you want to realize you are responsible for yourself no one can make your decisions they are your decisions to make, as the explosion of the ERA OF GOD’S GOODNESS goes off mark these words this is going to happen as surely as today! All this talk about the earth being so bad that leave our lips ends, and what Jesus Christ did for planet earth is Christian reality, we are going to know the supply of the earth is more than enough food more than enough clothing more than enough heating, cooling and energy more than enough vehicles to move us about more than enough buildings-homes to celebrate Jesus accomplishments to talk about our God and His greatness His goodness, we are not escaping a broken corrupt earth when we leave it will be fully supplied with years of supply like Josephs time in Egypt, we do not escape the beast we subdue we TAKE dominion over all his power we slam the gates of Hell shut to planet earth. All this evil will have to wait in darkness till the bride of Christ is done dancing, celebrating, and basking in this great outpouring to harvest 1 000 000 000+ souls, then will come that much debated day of the Lord when the kingdom of God moves home and then and only then will evil dare come out, these are the days my friends don t spend them wandering in the wilderness in stupidity because of some decision you feel you must defend

    • Genesis 8:22
      While the earth remains
      Seed time and harvest
      And cold and heat
      And summer and winter
      And day and night
      Shall not cease
      This little verse alone tells us climate change is a hoax made up by fearful men void of the truth. Let God be true and every man a liar.

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