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Presumptuous Prophet VS True Prophet — 2 Comments

  1. I’m guessing you are dealing with a particular incident or area you have had to deal with. Mostly what you have said is perfectly accurate, however revelations of direction we need for our part or our time in detail won’t be already recorded in the Holy Bible, but certainly will be there in principle and other saints also will verify even from different corners of the world regarding world events and those local hearing the same local instructions. His sheep hear His voice. Being led by the Spirit is key. John 16:13

  2. The false gospel speaks ‘about’ Jesus or what one have heard ‘about’ him.
    The true gospel speaks what the Father says and what one hear Him say.

    The true gospel of Christ, the true confession of Christ is nothing else than by the mouth speak out the words and the teaching one hear and receive from the Spirit.

    “the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of the prophecy
    (teaching from God/Spirit of Truth) Rev.19:10

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