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  1. We are stagnant in our in-home church. Only 2 of us see this. We need more of JESUS and less commentary. Please pray for us.

    • Even though only 2 see HKP Words posted, you can SHARE those you feel are the LORD’S ON TIME WORDS to the others in your group.

      I do it all the time. Just ask Papa to help you find the Words others need to read & use the SHARE button. I send it back to myself, so I can save it and get several to send at the same time to encourage people & help keep them on GOD’S path. Then I copy & paste them to the ones the LORD tells me to share with and send.

      The other things you need to do as a group is MORE PRAISE & WORSHIP, maybe several meetings of JUST PRAISE & WORSHIP.  You need to break through the ceiling that is over you.  Tongues and intercession will help too.

      Worshipping God and focusing on HIM, takes your mind off you. Then HE will come in to minister.  REMEMBER IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM, not us.

      God Bless you!  Bev

  2. Amen, sister! I’ve found myself even hoping and praying that things would NOT turn out the way some prophets have been saying just so that they can’t take credit for it and then try to expand their ‘brand name’ even more! To God be the glory alone; He silences every voice and exalts above all things his Name and his Word. Let us all be servants of the Word!

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