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Prophecy Update 2023: Judgment and Persecution — 3 Comments

  1. this is confirming what God is speaking to me&leading me . we are in a season of salt i was reminded “remember lots sister”. following Gods lead i fasted from soc media for a month& will again to seek Him intimately&intercede. the warning im getting: remain watchful discerning for the spirit of antichrist has been unleashed like never before esp upon the body of Christ.last days deception infiltrating seducing many w doctrines of demons a false gospel of accomodation sending them straight to hell.

  2. I agree and witness the season of salt, however only for the lukewarm believers. We all must be soaking with The Father in His River of presence for protection or we too shall experience salt!

    Blessing to you sister! Thank you for your ministry ️ Angela

  3. Thank you for sharing God’s words and your insight….. Outstanding! It was a long read, but it penetrated my heart, soul and spirit. The Lord has been been speaking to me a lot over the last three years, and your current post confirmed what he has said to me. I’m standing, watching on the wall praying for churches and christians all over the world. God bless you and your family.

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