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Prophesy Life to Dry Bones — 3 Comments

  1. Oh! Elaine my life, health has been in shambles. One person saw me and said you look frail, weak, your face look like you are malnourished. Grief, sorrow of heart, many battles the Lord has brought me through. But this day my life is renewed, all the promises of God is yes and amen.
    I am overwhelmed with gratitude and Praise unto God for allowing me to see this word, Prophetically for me today.
    I give god praise, Glory, Honor and Thanksgiving unto God for You. 
    You have no idea of the impact on my life and other souls today. I can look and breathe,I am hopeful again. God Richly bless you!

    • For first time in years I was praising god and dancing in church after reading your prophecy. I am alive, I can fell the spirit nugging me don’t give up.  Oh! how I give Thanks unto God.  May the God of all Grace, Strength proper you mightily.

  2. Elaine
    I am so excited!
    This was the word the Lord spoke to me in 2012 when my life was falling apart and Iost everything. I thought: I heard wrong, but you have spoken life again into the Lord’s promise to me. Now i the time.
    Thanks you.
    Be blessed.

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