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Prophesy to the Breath; Prophesy, Son of Man! — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for your words, blessings and prayers. I was there yesterday… visited a family which is in deep distress. They said more than once, I am very welcome and should come more often. Maybe a marriage rescued, maybe a child rescued from foster care and total family destruction. I BELIEVE.

  2. Praise the Lord and thank you for sharing this!

    This seems to be a great confirmation in many ways because my ‘mouth fell to the floor’ just some days before Christmas because I came a cross Mark Taylor’s prophecy in year 2016 ‘energy energy’ in where the Lord says that Israel and USA shall be independent in every production because of that the oil wells in ME will dry up. He also said in an interview that SA is aware of that their wells are about to dry up.

    When I heard this MY mouth fell to the floor because for about 4-5 years ago I was filled with a ‘holy wrath’ because of all unrighteousness in the world and specific against Israel so I prayed intensively for several months that God would lead all oil and gas from underground ‘like through veines’ from Israels surrounding countries and into the Israeli Leviathan field!

    The day before I read the ‘energy energy ‘prophecy I listened to this song in this version which I have never heard before and which touched me deeply. At that time I had not yet
    read the prophecy so I did not take notice of that the house was a real house and that it is covered with energy and light!

    Is this not a ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year message’ from the Lord! Indeed a new King is born!

    Bob Seger ‘the little drummer boy’ (never enough lights)


  3. Thank you for taking time for us all. This 2nd Christmas morning I sit here at breakfast table, thankful for the 4th free day, before tomorrow work outside the house has to go on. We had each night another guest, no religious people, but all hungry for the good news. Hours for hours others want to be around my son and me, by skype or in other ways. Sister Jill, this is really an urgent call from GOD what you share. And also great comfort. We have to be SALT AND LIGHT to a dying world of no more biblical, GODLY knowledge. Some attack when you just start to speak from above, some listen thankfully. I can’t share what special task is ahead of me TODAY. It may be a shocking visitation, but I have to reach out and to be a peacemaker in a special family, where no one wants to go and where no one speaks words of love and care. We all who read and write here, we all know, how religious clubs mostly – and I just say mostly (!) never come to other’s houses, but rather call for psychiatrists or call 911, instead of offering a helpful hand, or spending TIME for a compassionate or at least a loving conversation. Please pray for me that this mission for peace will not be turned against me
    Btw…. Prophet Ezekiel was yesterday also strong on my heart and I had to send a reminder of Holy Words of God to someone. It was Ezekiel 33:32+33.

    • Praise God! Be so blessed in your faithfulness and determination to follow what God has given you as a difficult assignment. Yet, the Lord says, the blessings in this will be great in eternity for you! Be brave and display His awesome unexplainable PEACE in this time and He will be SEEN by blind eyes. Glory to God!

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