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Prophetic Alert and Warning: Satan Comes to Divide and Conquer — 6 Comments

  1. This warning is important with respect to the TRUE Body of Christ.  However, there has also got to be a separation of the true from the false.  There are two principles that need to be held in tandem: Christ wants His people to be one, but He has also come with a sword of separation.  We will need a sharper discernment to be able to distinguish the true from the false, so that we can know which of the two principles applies in any given situation.

  2. Thank you so much Veronika. You are so very right. It is intensly hard to stand right now, and not to feel defeated. Thank you for this incredibly encouraging Word.

  3. Father, not in our flesh is anything possible, less than nothing actually, so today we exchange our less than nothing impossibilities for Your More Than Everything Possibilities instead.
    So please Father, do through us what only You can do by the Unfailing Power of Your Holy Spirit, through what You have already Completed through Your Son Yeshua at the Cross.
    I decree and declare Father “You have pulled it off Perfectly, IT IS FINISHED!!!”

  4. While in prayer at the first of the year the Lord gave me a vision of a battlefield.  There were many bodies in the field as my prayer partners and I were warring with the enemy. We were going up hill where Jesus stood with His arms stretched out.  Then I saw white tents with nurses dressed in white with their white nurse’s hats on.  They were directing us to come in and pray for the wounded warriors and the weary warriors, so that they could rejoin the battle and continue the climb. Our brothers and sisters were being restored and once again joining the battle and the climb.  Thank you Veronika for being a general and prophetess in God’s army, always giving us His strategies for victories for the battles ahead.  Be BLESSED today, you and your family in Jesus name.

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