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A Prophetic Word for America for 2022 — 16 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing God’s words with us. Yes it is up to us to seek God. To love honour and serve him faithfully. God is worthy of our love and honor.

  2. I love what you shared. It is up tk us to choose to walk in the Spirit and kay cares of the fkesh aside. Only then can we grow, thrive and flourish. I also relate to the part sys many new things MAY come on the land but old things will flourish and grow. It gives me hope that even though we nay be on the older side we have nit stopped growing abd flourishing! May 2022 be the year for the old to flourish like never before!

    • Thank you Teresa for taking the time to reply. Yes as you said, it is up to us to choose to walk in the spirit and leave the cares of the flesh aside. May God richly bless you to overflow.

  3. The Lord said I will not give my glory to another.. especially leaders not in the Lords will like Biden and Boris Johnston.
    Praise the I AM.

    • Kathreen, I appreciate the time you took to post. Amen our Lord always gives hope, no matter how dark the day! God bless you sister.

  4. Thank you for this message. I feel that it applies just as much to Britain as well.
    We ALL need to look to I AM at these dangerous and troubled times. Earthly politicians and governments CANNOT restore the balance lost over many decades since WW2 ended in 1945.

    Biden and Johnson DON’T have the answers we hope and pray for. NO ONE of this world has any comfort and help to give.
    Those are I AM’S ALONE!! Let us look to HIM notflawed week human leaders.

    Let’s look to HIM as NEVER BEFORE.

    • You are certainly welcome. Yes, I feel it applies to Britain as well. It is a message to keep our eyes on Him!! Thank you Stephen and Nicholls for your response and all you shared here! God bless you both.

  5. There are some things in line with what Mark Taylor recently has been saying.

    One is that there is a problem when Christians are always seeking out prophets for the latest information.  This suggests a lack of trust in the Lord and a doubt that they can hear from Him directly themselves, and that they are also treating prophets as psychics – although many of these are psychics. 

    Second, there is a danger when Christians seek out political solutions to spiritual problems.  This is evident in the patriotic movement, which is focussing on the re-inauguration of a man as President rather than on national repentance and prayer.  [That is not to say Christians should not be patriotic, and I think they should, but that they should not throw their lot in with patriots who are not Christians.]

    The answer to each of these two issues is to realise that God indeed has the whole world in His hands, that Christ has overcome the world, and that in Him alone we can be overcomers.

    • Absolutely spot on, Mark! I agree. It’s alright to get confirmation. Also, I feel sometimes look a little what others are saying.
      I just learnt a long time ago, though (and still learning) not to chase a Word, but chase after God!
      People can depend on that Word a prophet says more than the Words written in His Holy World!!
      It has to line up with His Holy World or it is not right.
      If it balances though, we would be foolish not to listen. God bless you.

  6. Ah timing is everything. He is coming to smack some hands for sure. But we shall ENDURE to the end by His grace and mercy. His hand covers, leads, protects, stops and blesses! xoxo Sandi

    Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which The LORD has promised to those who love Him.” James 1:12.’

    • Amen my dear Sandi. Yes, we shall endure till the very end by His grace and power! I love you sister and the stand you take! Hugs and prayers, joyce

  7. you wrote,
    2022 will be what My People make it!
    The Remnant shall hear My voice and live and thrive,” saith The LORD.
    “The Balance is in. Walk in the fullness and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. The Hope is in My Word, read it and live.”

    Resonates entirely with what Holy Spirit was speaking to my heart last night…as I was just in quiet listening and pondering…There was this awareness that we will indeed reap the outcomes of our faith/ or lack thereof….

    Those who choose to BELIEVE and ENTRUST themselves to the care of Father will ENTIRELY RECEIVE HIS LOVING PROVISION and CONSTANT CARE….
    However those who choose to live in constructs of fear or self-sufficiency will reap an outcome of meagreness and loss…
    Sobering…but empowering…as we
    LOOK UP and LIFT UP our souls unto Him ,

    Thank you Mama Joyce, May FAITH ARISE!!

    • Ahh once again all I posted to you just disappeared like in thin air! So I know the enemy was at work.I know many wouldnt believe it, but it was so! No credit as the Lord will havr us laugh at him!! God is greater bigger & stronger! Love you sis and thank you for all you posted. Amen!

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