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Prophetic Dream & Warning: Cell Phones! — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Elizabeth; I also had a dream about 3 years ago now, that we would at some point be trashing them? Although, I use my phone mostly to study things even biblical and for sites like this, God has shown me the danger also! I personally am going to greatly reduce my time on it. God help us to wake up! Thank you for this timely word!

  2. that’s only the tip of the iceberg! People do not want to know that the same Beast has been putting nano sized metal particles in drinks and other foods we eat from their supermarket chains for years. As well, every one of the ko vid *accines contained these same graphene particles. For what? To build an antenna in the brain to make the brain connected to the Cloud. The brain will interface with the Net and be able to receive and send data as a part of the Web. A collective consciousness –a hive mind. It is a counterfeit of walking in the Spirit. People will know stuff about each other because they are connected by this interfacing of the brain and the supercomputers. Of course walking in the Spirit in Christ Jesus is far superior to what Satan is concocting. Knowledge puff up but love edifies. All they will have is too much knowledge which as they said about Paul will drive them mad. They were wrong about Paul of course because Paul was taught by the Spirit of revelation NOT head knowledge. It was FOR freedom that Christ has made us free….so do not be entangled again in a yoke of bondage. We need the Lord to cut us free from this entanglement.

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