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  1. That was published here and my comment was 2022..BEHOLD CHRIS! IT IS BEGINNING TO HAPPEN NOW WITH OUR TEENAGERS IN POWELL, TN (A smaller section of Knoxville in Knox County) where I go to church and even more exciting where it is bringing healing and merging together the FAMILY as it merges the 3 generations together in LOVE. To God be the Glory!! Sandi

  2. Even in our little Baptist congregation in a small town in TN, we have had a healing from MS when the kids laid hands on a child worker and prayed for her.  This dear saint is still, over a year later, counting the days since being set free.  I am daily praying for my church, as I know there is still unbelief in the gifts.  Yet, all the times I have sought the Lord, should we leave, I have sensed that no, He will do the work in our congregation. May the lampstands of 100,000 churches burn so bright all the dross is burned away, and the light draw in the harvest from the darkness. We believe, Lord, help Thou our unbelief!

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