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Prophetic Proclamations for 2024! — 14 Comments

  1. Amen ! Yes Thank you for those proclamations Sandi!
    Bless the work of your hands, yes bless the work of your hands …..and bless your going out and coming in !

    • God bless you dear Maureen, It is truly an hour to lift up the hands that hang down., You are so welcome. I receive your blessing and gladly rejoice with you as we proclaim His word together. May everything you set your hand to be blessed and bear fruit that remains. Sandi

  2. Yes and Amen!
    So be it!
    In the name of JESUS!
    We also declare and decree the BLOOD OF JESUS over you and the book you are writing Sandi! May the SPIRIT of the LORD bring clarity of mind and speech with lazer like focus in finishing this book. May the favor of GOD be on you and this book for the edification of HIS body! May ALL captives be set free, healed, and brought into HIS body of believers. LORD, may your anointing rest so heavy upon Sandi and this book the whole world will know of it. Thank You LORD for your servant Sandi the heart you’ve placed in her, the anointing and obedience YOU have graced her with to share YOUR words that bless us so!!!
    Amen and Amen!!!!
    Bless you and thank you Sandi!

    • Marc, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that wonderful prayer..my tears are still flowing. I have had so many thing happen since I first starting that’assignment’ to write about the heart..wow! Only God knows the tests and trials but I needed every word you wrote because my printer stopped working yesterday and my updated software crashed this week and my friend Angus rescued me as always telling me what to do and I recovered all but the one chapter of my book. SO God is always so so so good to me to raise up someone to encourage me..don’t know what I would have done all these years without Angus and Jill here at HKP. They have taught me so much about logistics. God richly bless you dear Marc..your love and kindness brought joy to my heart! Sandi

  3. Thankyou Sandi for these proclamations…i proclaim these along with you and bless you…may you grow from strength to strength..

    • Yes, yes, yes, dear Roopa. I receive that blessing. He is the strength of our heart and our portion forever. Sending grace, love and blessings back at you! Sandi

    • Wong E ZIN..as we proclaim, we claim our rights. We set claim to what God has already given us and Jesus paid the price for. Blessings, Sandi

  4. Wow, these are very powerful proclamations, Sandi. I proclaim along with you and others as the Lord is our witness.
    Amen and Amen. Love you sister and friend. ❤️

    • Thank you Sandi for these proclamations.  They are truly important and I will be saying them all this week and into this month. He gives us His Words to speak and they are powerful. Blessings to you dear sister.

      • Thanks Gabrielle, I felt so impressed that we must begin to take what GOd has given and begin with with proclaiming what is ours11 Many blessings and love to you, Sandi

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