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Step Into the Supernatural Realm — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Elaine,

    ;) “everyone wants to walk on the water, but no one wants to get out of the boat”. How true!!

    Lord’s been inviting me often these last years to go higher in Him (in the supernatural realm).

    A lot I don’t yet know or understand yet, but I perceive the days ahead will give many of us quick-courses in such faith. As the world systems around us fall one by one,[Word tells us the Lord will shake everything that can be shaken],the supernatural will be the vehicle heaven will use to bring peace, Revelation, healing, provision to His own.

    To that end, the Church (remnant bride) esp.here in the West, who has known plenty, may find that
    ‘supernatural faith is the key to the open door of provision’.
    Well written, Elaine.

  2. Amen !  I was just thinking earlier..we live so far below what God has for us – it’s time to to move into what God has for us !

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