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  1. Trump and Putan are world leaders.Strong and powerful.
    No other can touch them.  Placed for a time such as this.
    The wimps are slapping at the wind. Put in place by satan.

  2. 2 prophetic riddles 4 prayer U say? So tonight in the early hours of 31 st of January, I had a very clear Dream. Standing in my House, at the entrance in2 my living room, stood 2 parents(2 riddles?)and their daughter(prayers?).They asked 4 prayers so I began 2 pray over their daughter. They all looked like they came from ‘down under’ – their skin were that of the aboriginer.Their daughter was like a copy of the FBI agent in the 2024 film ‘The BeeKeeper’. She’s the one that follows Jason Statham trying 2 catch him as he seek up the Bee Queen(the President)“But I would feed Israel with the finest of the wheat; And with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.” I really don’t know what I’m talking bout but may[bee] that’s Ok…
    [Psalm 81:16]

      • Putin met with Hamas, and Iran.. Putin is in a military agreement with China. No Christian would rub shoulders with Hamas and justify their attacks on Israel, neither would a Christian make a pact with Xi China’s godless emperor. Putin is not a Globalist, but he no Ally either… he stands on his own island, now trying to establish a counter New World Order with goat nations.

        • I have struggled with my posture towards Putin.  Hearsay: I know someone who knows a missionary who claims to have met Putin, handing him a bible and witnessing his profession of faith. Lip service or real?  I wonder. Again I say hearsay. You are correct, Putin is no globalist, but the globalists, including NATO/US, have forced Putin into alliances he might not have made had they not treated him the way they have.  It’s all one big sticky mess out there right now.  There are good people within enemy territory and bad people within the ranks of those who are trying to do good.  Thank God He knows who they are and has the means to accomplish His purposes.  And all of us who believe can pray and stand in faith that all things work together for our good because we love God and have been called….for such a time as this.

          • Very astute response regarding the ambiguities of political alliances. Remember that America allied with the dictator Stalin during WW2 out of necessity. It is not possible to discern the heart of a national leader based on the alliances he makes.

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