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Three Times the Bear Shall Bite — 25 Comments

  1. Watching with anticipation, I don’t however as many do, believe the deep rumbling sound from underground was Nord Stream. I watch for something else, what, I don’t have a scooby but I watch. YHWH is on the throne and nothing happens without His permission. The enemy can only move his chess pieces when YHWH gives the nod.

  2. First Martin Luther and the reformation came forth out of Germany, followed by Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust last.
    “The first will be last, and the last will be first, and all that has been done is that which shall be done”. Therefore, it is written that great evil will rise up first in the land, and in the midst of it a resurrection. “Where sin abounds grace more so”. The fullness of darkness brings forth THE fullness!
    Your dream is written Sister.

  3. Father I thank you for your ministering angels send for the heirs of Salvation to Tiwain to save the nation from slavery and destruction in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord

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