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Prophetic Signs Coming to Pass — 9 Comments

  1. MAKE HASTE OH LORD! We Decree- Amos 5:24- “LET JUSTICE run down like a River, and RIGHTEOUSNESS Like A MIGHTY Stream!” Lord we Thank You that YOUR Word is FOREVER TRUE!!!

  2. I believe the shaking starts with the Church and that this is already here.  I also relate the 7.7 or the 7 emphasised to the Church, because of the 7 churches of Revelation 2 and 3, where the 7 reflects its diversity and represents its completeness. The Church needs to be shaken, so that only that which is built on Christ and His truth may be allowed to remain. This is necessary for a true revival – as opposed to that which much of the Church now would accept as revival.

  3. Are you hearing anything on Purim ? I am hearing/feeling something is about to take place in that time frame.
    I feel it has to do with President Trump.

  4. Thank you our God who is slow to anger yet do fearful things for all to know he is the Lord God of all flesh. To those who lost loved ones, & those who are affected in one way or the other, may God comfort you all. Thank you dearest Veronica & all other Prophets who continue to sound God’s warnings to us. Yes, Jonny Enlow also gave a recent prophecy as well which i read. May God help us all to hear his words & put it to practice. May we all be ready at all times living a Christ like life as death is inevitable

  5. I am thrilled to see the signs coming to pass.(sorry for any lives that have been lost.) But God is faithful and will not be mocked. Thank you for being faithful to your calling Veronika.

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