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Prophetic Warning Dream of 7:7 Earthquake — 15 Comments

  1. God Bless you Veronika. THIS is what we need to hear. The TRUTH of Almighty GOD to keep and sustain us. ALL we hear about is Covid-19. That is ALL we’ve heard since March.. This whole crisis has been blown completely out of all proportion. And now a NEW STRAIN of the disease.  It remains to be seen wheter this vaccine will be effective against this ‘pandemic’ What I want people EVERYWHERE to understand is that GOD ALONE can steer the world AND BRITAIN through this time of great uncertainty. Instead of fearing what the government WANTS us to hear, we should hear what GOD TELLS us. ANY government KNOWS that if they spread fear in the people, they can CONTROL them. THAT is what is REALLY at the heart of this. A NO DEAL Brexit is NOTHING compared to what THIS is doing to the country and economy. GOD HELP US, as ONLY HE CAN. We need to TRUST HIM, not governments and scientists.

  2. I believe that an earthquake in the church is necessary as a prerequisite for revival by toppling those political church structures that would otherwise claim ownership of it to treat it as another institutional church growth programme. 

    I also believe this word is tied in with the accompanying one about Jezebel.  Jezebel seeks control through the rule of kings, while the institutional structures of the church structures facilitate a rule of “kings” in place of the rule of the King Himself.

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