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Prophetic Warning: Alien Deception — 8 Comments

  1. Remember that no one can say that Jesus is slots unless he/she is truly of God. Always test the spirits by asking who Jesus is to them.

  2. I first received these exact words “sheep in wolves clothing” about one month ago. Just the words and nothing else. They came again and when I began to think on what “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” meant I understood it better, in terms of a greater deception. Only when I received this post and read all your comments did I link it with other words I received back in June “the approaching darkness”. Thank you Lord for your warnings, let us not be found without oil for our wicks

  3. I have heard others say much the same thing the media is preparing us with movies about aliens
    And in my spirit i know the time is short

  4. In the times of the old true prophets of God to be a prophet was not very common. Today a lot of people claim to have word from God and messages from heaven!. Don’t be easily deceived, God is very selective of who He picks to speak His word!.

  5. You can see and hear the evil ones they do not hide put the ones that hide are pure evil do not listen to them if they do not have your mind body spirit the evil ones have nothing pray to the lord and you will have peace of mind be strong how beautiful life is

  6. I can confirm this word because I have heard something very similar.  On 3/2/19 upon waking I felt that the Lord was saying that the strong deception coming upon the world was an “alien” deception.  That these “aliens” were really demons and fallen angels who would masquerade as angels of light and pretend to be our creators.  Those who don’t go along with the charade would be put to death.  That was the only time I have heard anything about that topic.

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