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Prophetic Warning Dream of 7:7 Earthquake — 15 Comments

  1. When I read in your prophecy,”My Spirit of Truth shall come like a raging river to cleanse and purify,” I instantly recalled a vision I had two nights ago in which I saw a messenger come from heaven with a ring upon his finger made of arcing beams of golden light. Lightning came from him and struck a tree in Central Park in NYC near a group of twenty or so teens that were conducting themselves in a lewd manner. Three were killed, and the rest terrified and scattered. I felt great compassion in him as I witnessed a raging torrent of pure water surge from his belly.  It went forth from him and quickly covered the East coast. Then I saw him go to San Francisco to an affluent suburb where a cult was performing a ritual. Instantly I witnessed another river of pure water surge down from his belly and quickly covered the west coast. Then I saw waters flowing out of other messengers all over the globe! Soon the whole Earth was covered with this pure water! Then I heard the word, “The earth shall be full of the Glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”

  2. The purpose of earthquakes is to shake down what man has built.  Earthquakes within the church fall within the mercy of God, because they will shake down what has not been built on the foundation of Christ and is therefore deceptive.

  3. Thank you for being faithful to give this word from our Holy Father!  Many of us have longed for this!  God bless you!  I know that fearful things will have to take place!  May our Heavenly Father strengthen all His children so that we stand in faith!

  4. I love the Words God gives you! I know they are accurate. I often check your site to for new updates. Thank you for being faithful.

  5. Father asked me one night, what the #7 ment.
    I answered-perfection, completeness & holyness, Father replied “ that’s an imperfect and incomplete answer! He then asked what makes anything perfect and holy? I thought and replied Your Presence! Father said That is what #7 means!
    Yashua- Gods releasing out of man
    Emmanual- God in men

  6. I stand in total agreement. I feel a shaking in my Spirit. I continue my prayers for God’s world.It is my duty to Him The Living One. ABBA Father.

  7. I have been seeing a spiritual shaking for a long time. Sometimes I feel like a weeping prophet, when people are not looking at the world as whole, but only the USA, This virus has done very little in revival of this nation. I try to look at everything from God’s view, and how is this nation measuring up? Many nations are seeing revivals, many are seeing miracles happen.
    I did some studying on the Plumb line and Amos. Who was in a world much like ours today. Our plumb line is slanted way to the left. Leaving poverty, racism, vs the wealthy and the powers of this world, it’s normal to lie to get what we want.
    Then I looked at the number 7, which is in the Bible 735 times. It means spiritual perfection/completeness because of God’s work.
    So, like you said, open your eyes we are about to see an earthquake to shake this world upside down. Are most Christians ready? I don’t believe so.

  8. Dearest Veronica,
    My family and I have been reading your prophetic downloads for the last few months, they have encouraged us so wonderfully.
    Five years ago, just before Trump began his run for the Presidency, God called me and my family to a sabbatical of prayer, and we have traveled around the world praying for God‘s will to be done in the nations of the earth. Being a pastor in San Francisco, right in the center of the city, knowing most of the politicians that are in the news in San Francisco, you can see how intense our prayers were. Then we ran into your voice, Veronica, it was a fresh word from God concerning our President, that has helped us make it through these troubled seas, which are our daily prayers and concern. There are a lot of faithful prayer intercessors, who join us daily in San Francisco, and I have shared your prophecies and prayers in intersession on Twitter: https://twitter.com/gazowsky/status/1339687866364952578?s=21
    Your prayerful ins Dearest Veronica,

    A San Francisco Pastor In Total Agreement

    My family and I have been reading your prophetic downloads for the last few months, they have encouraged us so wonderfully.

  9. Yes, hallelujah, we know it is the time spoken by many prophets this season, for a global shaking and dismantling of globalist and ungodly schemes. Our God is a consuming fire. Who can stand in opposition to Him? Open wide ye gates and be lifted up ye everlasting doors. And the King of Glory shall come in!

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