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Prophetic Warning to the UK Church: Your Candlestick Will Be Removed! — 8 Comments

  1. Amen – Sadly too many church leaders are walking a wrong path and taking their flock with them.  Much prayer required.  Thank you sister for that word.

  2. There is a large body in this land who are faithful to their Lord, a remnant. and many of us are out of church and meet in small groups. There are many mainstream churches in this land sadly seem be largely apostate, although not all. This is a very serious word, which I pray will be heeded.

  3. Why are we different? The Spirit of the Lord, it is He that anchors the kingdom in our hearts and souls. That is what he has designed for each of His children. Moving poem! Worthy of an upshare, calling awake the children.

    What do you search for
    What have you found
    A temporal splash
    Or an eternal sound
    Others have passed by
    And hardly noticed a thing
    What makes you different
    What makes you sing
    What makes you able To be near His Throne
    In the depths of His Heart Where few do there roam

  5. The Lord will never leave you or forsake his righteous right hand will hold us and the candle will be lighted amen

  6. More like a warning to most churches across the globe!!
    …Let those church leaders who have ears hear what the Spirit says…

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