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Prophetic Warnings: War ~ Financial Collapse ~ The Beast — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you, for this Word!!!

    Looking Forward.

    We All have to work at being Holy,

    Without Holiness no one will see the Lord!!

  2. Amen.  I know this in my spirit as well!  God bless you in your obedience to say what the Spirit is revealing to God’s people! :)

  3. I too believe the Lord is coming soon. What saddens me is the church, His bride is asleep. The wicked enemy is closing their eyes and hearts. Help us Jesus. I will be praying up and looking up. I can hardly wait!!!!

  4. I believe that the Lord is coming soon.
    I had a visual of myself standing in a room win a beautiful bridal dress waiting.
    He is at the door.
    You need to keep your oil full and do not let it run out with the lies of the enemy.
    Yes he is coming when we do not expect him. Like a thief in the night.
    Two will be sleeping one will be taken and one left.
    I receive that we should be preparing ourselves.
    Why I say this is I had several dreams and the message was always the same.
    Many will not make it because they are not looking for him and are too involved in the world.
    I tell you this he comes when we will not expect him.

    • When we look at the different signs that the Bible give, that relate to things just before the Second comming, there are more than 30 signs. Agreed, many of these signs (not all) were present tgroughout the generations since the days of the Apostles. It however did increase steadily like birth pangs. What us different now? Our generation is the first generation where all these signs are present, all of them, daily, around the world. There is a verse that says Luke 21:28 (NLT) “So when all these things begin to happen, stand and look up…” I believe were are in this spesific time period.

      The remaining signs? Some worldwide crisis; 10 kings gives their power to the antichrist; Gospel is preached to all; sign of the beast enforced; close of probation; 7 last plagues; last trumpet together with Jesus’s Glorious Second Comming.

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