Prophetic Word of the Lord for 2015 (by Wayne Sutton)

Prophetic Word of the Lord for 2015
by Wayne Sutton of The Second


*This word of the Lord came to me through several sessions of prayer and worship.  It came as a vision, and then the Lord began to expand upon it, and expand even more.  The strongest parts for me were the secret chamber of stones, and the word MAGNIFY.  Focus on the Kingdom and our Lord Jesus this year – and expect greatness.

Hallelujah, the Lord is saying for 2015, “You will see, you will see me in that secret place, in that chamber.  I’m calling you into a chamber of my own, a chamber of my own, so that I may show you the doors.  I can show you the doors.  No, there are no locks upon the doors.  There are no locks upon the doors.  Walk through the archway into your place of prosperity.

However my child, you have heard the prophets of doom and gloom.  You’ve heard the prophets say that this will be a year of destruction.  They prophesy that this will be a year of division.

Yet the other prophets say this shall be a year of blessing, this shall be a year of magnitude.

Magnitude, magnitude is the word, hallelujah.  For I will amplify, I will amplify in all areas what you bring unto me.

Will you bring praise?  I will amplify.

Will you bring fear?  It will be amplified.

I will magnify.  I will magnify that that you bring to me.

Bring to me your faith.  Bring to me your secret desires and thoughts.  Bring to me that place of your desire, where you come unto me, and I may magnify.  I will show you in this secret chamber.  It’s a place that feels as solitude.  It feels as solitude, yet you are never alone.

Even the stones that you stand upon, even in the chamber, even the stones that you stand upon, hallelujah, they were created by me, for you.  I have created all!  I have created all for you my child and you stand upon the stones in the place that seems as solitude.

You will see the doors, you will see the doors.  The wisdom that you receive, the wisdom that you receive will give back into your life, hallelujah.

Be with me in this place that feels as solitude and you will be able to walk through the doors, you will be able to walk through the doors I have prepared.

Here’s the wisdom that you seek, that you receive from me, you will be able to use the wisdom and discernment to walk through the doors,” says the Lord.

“I saw and I saw again, the place of expectancy, the place of expectancy as you walk.  This will be a year where many will say, “The economy has fallen, the economy has fallen, the economy has fallen,” but I say, “Magnitude.  I will magnify.  I will magnify what you bring unto.  If you bring to me the fear, if you bring to me the place of doubt, it will be magnified.  Yet if you will bring to me the expectation… the place of praise… I have said in my word and my prophets have spoken that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous.

You are righteous through My Son.

Receive that, receive that, and take that righteousness and receive the wealth of the wicked not for another date, but even for now, even for now.  For my hand is not held short, my hand is not held short, except by, except by what you bring to me, what you bring to me.

Do you bring faith?

This is a season to say “Yes Lord” and again I say you will feel as solitude, you’ll feel as alone, yet you’re not alone.  It is a separation and it demands a separation to walk into that place.  It’s a separation to receive from where you are to receive from the Lord.  The Lord says “It’s a separation to receive my word of instruction for you.  I shall show you the doors.  I shall show you the doors.”

There are eight doors.  There’s eight opportunities this season, eight openings for you.  I will show you, yet all eight doors you may not decide to walk into all this year, but they will be open for you my child, the ones you choose.

You choose to bring, you choose to bring into the place of our isolation, our solitude. I will give you the ways of The Lord.  I will open the doors, hallelujah, as no man has opened.  You will not even see the doors locked.  You shall not even see the door in the archway.  Even the doors shall disappear into openings.

There are openings, openings, but yes wait, wait, you will come into me.  To go into the place, to go into the wealth of the righteousness, the wealth of the wicked laid up for the righteousness.

You must first come to me and expect the magnitude.  Expect what I bring to you.  Yes, even daily, as you awaken, what shall you focus upon?

Will you look upon, will you look upon the evil?

Will you look upon the destruction?

Will you look upon the fear of the world or will you look upon me?  For that which you bring into your eyes, I will magnify.

What will you bring?

What will you bring unto me?

Will you bring fear or will you bring faith?

Will you bring sickness or will you bring health?

Will you bring the poverty or will you bring the righteousness, the wealth, and the honor unto the chamber of the Lord?

I am the Lord thy God and I will bring you magnitude in this year.


waynesutton*Wayne Sutton is founder of
The Second
– a prophetic ministry for the body of Christ.


Prophetic Word of the Lord for 2015 (by Wayne Sutton) — 6 Comments

  1. My home church just celebrate our one year Anniversary and Inauguration. Our Team or one may our word for the year 2015 is OPEN DOOR! Your Prophetic word is just that for us. Can I share this word with my church family?
    Thank you so much Brother Sutton for this prophetic word and your obedience to post it.


    • Dear Kettly,
      Please do feel free to share :)
      And thanks for using His Kingdom Prophecy
      Blessings in Christ,

  2. Thank you for your obedience to God and for Blessing me-may you be Blessed beyond measure in your life and ministry!

  3. Amen. I agree with this Word. I heard the LORD’S voice throughout this message. May the LORD continually bless and keep you.

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