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Prophetic Word for 2015!  (by Tina M Moore) — 13 Comments

  1. Bless you for your word but I am distressed that you do not know that the president and the Pope will meet on September 23 of this year and will conspire to create a ONE WORLD RELIGION in America.  Our judgment will begin at that time and because we have not been faithful as Christians and not taught the gospel and doctrine of our savior we will be judged accordingly.  President Obama who is a true Muslim has created Jade Helm 15 which is a military organization ready to declare marshal law and will seek out register guns and take them away.  We are in great peril, please be alert to what is really happening in America.  I pray God’s Blessing on you and all Christians.  Now is the time to prepare, store food and water and essentials for we may have to endure much before he takes us home to his kingdom.  A sister in Christ, Betsy

  2. This is so right on!  We are in a time that can see great harvest, as well as great calamity!  Sow like never before, people!  Prepare like never before!

  3. Thank you so much woman of God for your obedience! I had a prophetic dream in 2014 about America and God said because we have served other gods, his calamity is coming upon this nation. I saw in my dream in open vision in the sky the US Capitol was on fire burning down. The city was in the midst of a tornado. Then the dream shifted to an open screen in the sky showing men and women from ancient times and I heard God’s voice coming from the clouds saying because you have served other gods I will bring my judgement upon you. It really scared me but I have been feeling the peace of Christ telling me do not let my heart be troubled for now is the time for deliverance in the earth. The church must take a stand!!!

  4. Thank you for that word…….I have heard many of the same things for a long long time and the Lord has shown me many things……We need pray and repentance………The Lord is not waiting any longer…..
    Be blessed…
    Kind regards

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