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Prophetic Words About California — 7 Comments

  1. All of this is true, but a few of us are being specifically called to remain here in California. We are being given specific instructions – even to have more children to populate this place. Please pray for us who have been given these Marching Orders in the age of Joel.

    • My prayers are with you and my heart also. I was born in Arlington, California so I know what it is like to be connected to a place both physically and spiritually. I join my faith with your faith and the power of God’s Word, with an additional ingredient which is obedience. Yes the Lord is coming!

      The Lord wanted me to be planted as a seed in California. Shortly after my birth my parents moved back to Louisiana. I know what this means.
      Yes the Lord is coming!

  2. The terrible of sin makes men unrecognizable beyond our mind could ever imagine; and it ended up two main results: men died and suffered from all kinds of afflictions, curses (Dt27:15-26,28:15-68)and exiled(2Ki17:7-41);and the land defiled(Isa24:5, Nu33:35).The solution for all is the debt of sin which is death(Ro6:23) must be paid and it’s done through the blood of Jesus- the Lamb of God; Also men must repent from rebellion to obedience, from lawlessness to his word – his laws, commands and decrees, thus we come HOME to the Father and find our healing, cleansing, restoration and the REST of our soul even the land( 2Ch36:21, Ex23:10-11, Lev18:24-28, Jer2:7-8).I pray that people who are in their afflictions around the world ( fire, flood or diseases)may come to their sense while God bring them down to their knees, so that they may cry out to the LORD and be saved and find their hope and a future. Amen! blessings …

  3. Yes, and they just legalized sex for 14 year olds.  Pedophilia is on the rise.  Also caught demonstrators setting fires!  The Godly better leave.

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