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  1. Hi.

    Two weeks ago i gave the keys of my doors to Him. He is everytime welcome, and can enter even without knocking the door. Also He will open and close by His Will, because i trusted on Him my protection.

    Last week, He pushed me to recommend a ‘sister in Christ’ do do the same thing, and after, about her son (after a insight about a Word that He gave me to the son) — the son is under her authority (so the keys).

    I read here (on HKP) a word from Jacob Awagah about Psalm 91. I added to my 3-times-per-day prayer.
    After that, i knew about a sister that was under an spiritual attack that was stopped after she (certainly inspired by Him) start to pray Psalm 91.

    This was the start point to recommend her about giving her keys to Him. Also i recommend her about praying Psalm 91 everyday (like i do ‘now’).

    So, i will give to all brethrens here two recommendations:

    Give your keys to Him. Let Him control your doors. Open your heart to Him (your beautiful door), and invite Him to your house. Ask Him to be the keeper of your keys, the only to have total control (trusting to Him your protection).

    Keep calm (be in His Peace), and do it with your on words; what matters is a true open heart (in truly), because He Is a observer of the heart (He values what comes from heart).

    Pray three times per day (after wake up; in the middle of your day; and before sleep) the Father’s Prayer and Psalm 91. Doing this we honor Him (His name) give thanks, and ask for help. And we keep our lamps full of oil and burning, waiting for the bridegroom. Also, we will remember everyday His promises (to His bride), so we can’t forget (a good maintenance of our faith – helping the lamps burning brighter), and we will declare in the spiritual world (all will know that we know about our promises).

    Don’t slumber, keep praying (Luke 18:1-8)!

    Be His Grace and Peace with all of you.

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