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  1. Amen!

    Back in my college days, we lived in northern N.J. I was going to school in Ohio so my driving route took me through and over the Gap. It is one beautiful area.

    As a confirmation to your above word, I had a similar experience while interceding before a church service. This goes back 10-15 years ago.
    While I was praying, in my mind’s eye, I saw a tall mountain full of snow. It was completely covered over and FROZEN and cloudy. As I continued to pray the Sun burst out and began to melt the snow. The Sun’s rays intensified as did the melting. Pretty soon, the ensuing flood of water poured down toward the valley. In the natural, this was becoming a catastrophic event, threatening to wash away all those living in the valley. However, I then saw a man on a surfboard….yes a surfboard, safely, surfing//flying down on top of the torrent coming down the mountain! These are the hidden ones of the church, the remnant, in the snow (trials) who had been letting God prepare them, and preparing themselves, Rev 19:7-8, in The LORD. Is 40:31; SOS 8:5-7.

    Here’s the understanding I received. The frozen, snow covered mountain represented the current outward state of the church. Tall and high, but lifeless. Again, this was how it looks on the outside. Rev 12:1-2. Then The Sun//SON arose with healing in its wings, Mal 4. The heat of the Sun, the Fire of The Holy Spirit first began to thaw the church, and then intensified in its Heat to produce a mighty rushing flow of water, Jn 7:38; Ezekiel 47; Acts 2:1-4. The people below, not knowing God, were in grave danger in being swept away in the error of the wicked (unbelief) 2Pt 3:10-17. However, Those, whose love and trust are in the Lord Jesus, will be carried on the crest of The Wave of His Spirit, whose feet are firmly planted on/in His WORD, (surfboard) Eph 6:15, going where He leads and guides them, ultimately into His very Presence! Ezekiel 1:19-21; Rev 12:3-5; 1Th 4:17 Acts 8:26-40; Zec 4:6 ; Rev 3:7-13.

    There will be others who repent during the flood and God will make a way for them too. Rev 12:6-17, but will go through Tribulation. Rev 3:14-22. The remainder will perish forever, Rev 21:8.

    Praise God! The Great Wave of The Holy Spirit is about to burst upon us!!

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