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Re-igniting Your Holy Fire! — 1 Comment

  1. Amen! The letter YOD is represented by a hand or arm and also considered the starting point of all the other letters in the Aleph Bet( see Hebrew For Christians) Hence, since all Creation is The Work of His Hands and came into Existence through His WORD, so In Him we Live and Move and Have our Being! In His Divine Conditions, Great Fires Can Be Started By Just A Little Spark, James 3:5; Rev 3:8-12. Just as, In The Beginning, His Spirit brooded over the waters to “Ignite” and bring forth all of Creation, so too, as we continue to dwell In His Presence, His Great and Mighty Plan, The Creation of The True Church Will Explode on the Earth. Acts 2, Pentecost, The Fire from Heaven, was The Initial Spark for the Beginning of His Ekklesia. Despise not the day of small beginnings. The Glory of The Latter House will be Greater than that of the First House! Greater Works than these shall we do, John 14:12.

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