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The New Wind Under Your Sails! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you sister… I needed to hear this more than ever.
    Everything He daid is True!

    And I await for Him to come through for me and others who have been waiting, travailing and hoping.

  2. Sister Jo Ellen, this is wonderful ! Thank you for caring for your family in JESUS CHRIST.
    A “little” confirmation on that Sunday morning at 10:40: Just before I read this, I sat 10 minutes on my balcony. Usually I do not like to sit in the hot sun. Today is the 1st real sunny day after a period of cold Spring. I prayed with both hands up (whispering, because neighbours should not listen) and it was windstill the entire morning, but during prayer the wind blew so strong that the sails (!) of the covering blew up ! Then right in front of me flew a tiny white feather. GOD HIMSELF has immediately answered. I wish you the same blessing and yes, no weapon against us is allowed to succeed. GOD HIMSELF HAS SPOKEN these words, so Hallelujah and Amen to His words and His Will.

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