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  1. Vivo soltanto per l’attesa del cambiamento! Ma spesso la paura genera dubbi e sospetti che soffocano il dono del discernimento!
    Signore, aiutami a fidarmi dei tuoi doni,ti prego aumenta la mia fede, amen!

    [ HKP : “I live only to wait for change! But fear often breeds doubts and suspicions that stifle the gift of discernment! Lord, help me to trust in your gifts, please increase my faith, amen!” ]

  2. well spoken Chris and so true…..God has taught me well in discernment…..jesus left us with special gift of PEACE….not only that but peace is also a fruit of the Holy Spirit….in other words if that inner peace is not there its a sign that its not of God or not for you…..peace is also a witness of the Spirit of truth within us….I simply discern in my spirit innermost being feeling is peace there which is fruit of the spirit of truth and if peace is not there than its not of God or for me specifically this is a gift of DECERNMENT working in you…..and yes you are correct Chris the enemy is greatly fighting this in most churches opening up a door bigtime to deception…God help them for litterly kicking the Spirit out of the their churches…I am disturbed bigtime for this.and yes many have come against me for this..keep up the great work you are doing Chris many will hear and hopefully heed our words amen

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