Redefine our Lives with Prophetic Mandates


In this season, let us redefine our lives with a prophetic mandate!

“Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways,”   Job 22:28.

To Make a decree, we must be in a position of power and authority, and as Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom, we have been given that power and authority through the Name of Jesus.

Therefore, when we make a decree, we must expect that it will be carried out and come to pass.

The words that we speak will be ‘established,’ and that means that it will be manifested, revealed and shown to be true, as we have spoken it!

The light shall shine upon our way, which means there will be enlightenment in our minds and spirit that will cause us to see with great clarity, wisdom and understanding.  The path that is before us will be illuminated and made clear.

We will not stumble or fall in the darkness, but we will walk with boldness, assurance and great authority, we will have divine direction leading us to our God given destination.

  • My God shall ARISE over me, turning and reversing every disappointment, denial and delay to His appointed and anointed time of blessings and bounty, in Jesus’ Mighty Name.
  • In this Season, I am being spiritually propelled and repositioned,  I am moving from the pit of poverty to the place of Promise, Prosperity and Kingdom Purpose, in Jesus Mighty Name.
  • That which has been S-C-A-T-T-E-R-E-D by the Winds of Destruction shall now be Restored, Returned and Renewed, in Jesus Mighty Name.
  • The shout of Grace, Grace, Grace will level every mountain of difficulty and fill in every Valley of Lack and Limitation, in Jesus Mighty Name.
  • The Unquenchable Fire of the Holy Ghost is now purifying, cleansing and consuming every obstruction of darkness that has hindered and halted my Advancing, Greater Clarity is coming forth, in Jesus’ Mighty Name.
  • Every hidden Agenda and Demonic Assignment of the Enemy is being overturned, overthrown and overcome, in Jesus Mighty Name.
  • Every Cycle of Shame, Fear and Failure is now broken.  I am shaking off the grave clothes of the old season.  I am putting on my Dancing shoes and entering into the fullness of my Destiny, in Jesus’ Mighty Name.
  • In this year of Jubilee, I will take hold of every promise of Restoration and Revival and I will receive my Breakthrough.  I will walk in Supernatural Understanding having the ability to discern the kairos timing of Heaven and begin to move in it, in Jesus’ Mighty Name.
  • I am now being released from every unfruitful relationship and every unproductive and unrighteousness root is being cut off.  The Bitter Waters are being made sweet.  The favour and anointing of God will make me fruitful and faith-filled in Jesus’ Mighty Name.
  • In this Year I will live out of my true identity, I will be covered and connected to Him, this is my Season of Compensation and Celebration, in Jesus Mighty Name.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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