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King Cyrus: Triumph or Catastrophe? — 1 Comment

  1. Hi mena; I was lead back to this video today. I do listen to you, as I feel you are one of the few, who really speaks the truth from the Lord.  I see that this did not happen at this time frame. Here we are Nov 2020. I still believe that all these things are coming as the Lord showed you. And the delusion of Donald Trump has only grown stronger? The Lord showed me also a few years ago, that Donald Trump was a great test for the christian. He is become like a false messiah to many?? But you know God will not share His glory with another. I believe these great times of destruction are upon us. As you spoke here. God lead me here to this particular video, to confirm what he had been showing me for some time now. Thank you. Thank you for the truth.

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