Revolving Doors


I heard “revolving doors” and saw a picture of the front of a building with that kind of door in front impression of people going in and people going out…  the door moving round and round, with a constant flow of people.

“My people, who are called by My name, are constantly going in and going out of the Spirit, as if in a shopping mall.  You go in to get what you want, but then go out when you want what YOU want.  The door is ever busy and always actively being pushed because the death that comes so difficult to the flesh is not pursued, as much as the things you prefer of this world.

I would love to see less activity at this door.  I know that it is difficult to keep your mind stayed on Me, yet I have given you the means to access My grace so that whatever your heart really wants, can be given you.  I want to see you in more than out.  I want to see you obedient to the leanings of My Spirit as He prompts you.  I AM not a killjoy, taking away all your fun.  You can have fun in the spirit.  You can enjoy your life in Me.  But if I were really your husband or wife and you communicated with Me so little, would I be offended ?

I really want you to KNOW Me, that you can be filled with Me.  But if we don’t talk and have time to share the things on our hearts with each other, just as a couple would, then it becomes impossible to get to know Me.  Do you want My opinion on things?  This is what you must ask yourself.  Do you really WANT to do what I would have you do?  Do you love Me?  

I ask you like I asked Peter?  Do you love me?  Do you only want to have a 50-50 custody relationship with your Father?  The decision is yours.  When you are open to let me work My will into you, then the relationship is deepened with each day’s events and discussion/ prayer.  Little by little, you get to know Me more.

When you shut Me out of most of your day, then don’t wonder that I may be hard to hear.  You know how people in love, call each other several times a day, or find a way to message each other to let the other know they are thinking about them?  That is what lovers do.  That is how I want you to be with Me.  To be conscious of My presence being ever with you, inside you.

I want you to draw close, My beloveds, and to become so very dependent on My voice so that you get used to always hearing what’s next.  Come and rely on My Spirit to guide you and teach you.  Don’t become slack, because the days of intense war have begun, and daily disciplines are so necessary for an army to function well.  I love you and will never leave you, just want you very close to Me.”


~ Priscilla

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Revolving Doors — 2 Comments

  1. The Lord our God is One God, and if he wants us entirely for himself, HE will CALL us to HIM.

  2. This is for me. I receive those words in the Name of Jesus. God Bless!