Your Gifts and Calling


They are not going away; it doesn’t matter what you do.  And it makes no difference whether anyone else believes this, or whether they even believe in you.  A lot of people who feel that they have depth, quote certain things from the Bible, and they say they believe those things, when they don’t.  The reason we can see that they don’t, is that you do not see them acting on what they say they believe.  They don’t restore people; they don’t use and encourage others who have those gifts.

A person would have had to run from their calling, or tried to ignore it for any number of reasons, to know that it doesn’t work.  I say this kindly, that there is a misconception out there, that says, if you don’t use your gifts, you will lose them.  I’m sorry, but that is not true; not if you have gifts that were truly instilled and given by the Holy Ghost.  There are some things that God will change His mind about; but this, is not one of them.  It is a truth, that some people were called before their first breath, in this sphere. God knew these gifted and called ones, before the foundation of the world.

Please understand, when I say this.  There came a time, that I told God, I did not want to see anymore.  And I didn’t want to know anymore.  It was a load, that unless you have actually been there, you have no understanding whatsoever of what it’s like.  Learning about these things, was very hard.  In most cases, you had no one to help you, no one to share your experiences with; most saints and other peers, had no knowledge of what you were even talking about.  They did not believe in you, or your gift; especially, if you had been given some Spiritual gift, and they hadn’t.  It was not easy.

Some may wonder, why many here, speak about the Holy Ghost being the Teacher.  Well, that’s because, that’s where you learned these things from.  If we were living in an age, where most only talked about these things, but did not really pursue them or allow others to do so, depending on the Spirit, was all you could do.  And surprising to many, the Spirit did not just sit back and not teach.  In fact, the instruction, began long before the vessel knew it.  I had to pray recently, that I would again be willing, to see, whatever He wanted me to see.  What lies ahead, is different, than anything we’ve faced.

If there really is a last great outpouring, there will be many who want to see it happen.  Remember again, that God did not train and equip these people, for no reason; they have been ordained, they have been gifted, they have been called.  And they WILL be used.  Even in the midst of tribulation and the full onslaught of evil, they will have Power from the Spirit, to perform.

I say to you, don’t worry about those who don’t want you; somebody will.  I’m here to say, that there are masses of people, who are truly hungry to hear from God, and they want the deep move of the Spirit.  The Spirit will lead you; and they will seek you out.  What others did not recognize in you, they will see it, in the Spirit.  The real thing, will be manifested.  Once and for all.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




Your Gifts and Calling — 2 Comments

  1. Oh Wow….. This is very powerful and lovely. Thank you for those Words! God Bless!

  2. Wonderful indeed. And this is the time when the body of Christ should be encouraged to seek the face of God and do His will by the leadership and power of the holy spirit. Wonderful words.