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Righteousness, Judgment and Justice — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you Dr. June! This is a mighty and powerful Word from God that leaves no doubt that He is saying “Enough”! God Bless you and to all those our Lord leads to your daily writings.

  2. I don’t even know what to say…thank you!! With all of my heart, thank you!!!
    It’s gotten so bad!! And they literally have no idea that He’s been watching their every move, because they’re too busy watching and mocking and hating. I have no idea who they all even are, but I do know that the spirit using them is bully.
    This literally couldn’t have come at a better time for me June, thank you beautiful lady, and praise God for using you, this has just blessed me more than I can express.

  3. I love the song by King and Country “God is with us”
    The Celebration and the Ceremony is at hand. Truly we have suffered a lot to bring forth the Purpose to the Glory of God. And our lives will certainly be rearranged. New life cometh sunddenly!! I wait for You Lord!!  Thank you sister June.

  4. I lift up our Chinese brothers and sisters in this hour! May they be free at last “I will loose them from their captives, and their chains that bound them will fall to the ground.” Awesome Power and Might!
    Who is Jehovah El Gibor?
    Thank You Dr. June.
    Glory to Your Name in all the Earth, Lord Jehovah Elohim!
    We have waited for you, Father God!

  5. Good morning dear sister June. I know your articles, postings, your loving and caring heart since 10 years. You always chose your words very carefully, always true, but never too harsh. Today – oh what a mighty wind of change from the LORD Himself – He cannot be silent any longer – the roar is getting so strong because the end of all unrighteousness is not a common saying, but a GUARANTEED GODLY DECREE ! Yes, and almost every word in your post is scriptural. Just one of them is Psalm 2.

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