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Prophetic Warfare — 3 Comments

  1. Lord, We need your Grace more than before to be able to contend for your promises, Mercy on America, president Donald Trump, his family,our own families & the Bride of Christ. May the outstretched hand of God of Elijah confuse, harden the hearts of every Pharaoh, judge, disgrace & wreck great havoc/terror on the enemies camps Amen. More Anointing on you Dear God’s vessel Sandi.

  2. So true Sandi. I love your posts and those recorded here, because I truly don’t see many awakened to the times we’re in. I’m a fellow intercessor, and I know the anointing to tear down these strongholds, especially in the comfy-cozy Church, is very strong!!
    No doubt there are many who can feel the push of the enemy right now, but oh the muscles He’s producing in His people…matchless!!
    God bless beautiful lady!! :)

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