Satanic Music?  In Church?

The Article is written by Rebecca Brown and was first published on Facebook and is republished here with her kind permission.


I don’t post often because I am so busy, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t keep up with what is going on in my face book page.  I most certainly do.  WOW, any comment about Rap music certainly brings out emotional responses.  One person even commented that [my husband] Daniel must be wrong because I didn’t say anything about Rap in my books. That’s because Rap music wasn’t on the scene when my first two books were written.  The first one was published in 1986, the second in 1987.  Rap was not so popular at that time, and wasn’t in the Christian churches yet.

Some have asked what kind of music is acceptable to the Lord.  Well, first, let me tell you that we serve a God of great variety.  How can you judge if something is pleasing to the Lord or not?  FIRST IS THE LYRICS AND LIFE STYLE THEY SPAWN.  Interestingly, as heavy metal music first became popular in the churches, immediately the groups playing the heavy metal music mimicked the styles of dress, hair styles, concert gimmicks, and life styles of the secular heavy metal musicians.  That should have been a give away right there.  A good example is the current rage, the Harlem Shake, which is sort of a combination of Rap and heavy metal.  The dance moves that accompany this “music” is mimicking sexual moves.  The original words to the Harlem Shake talk about rape and sodomy of a 12 year old girl.  And Christians think this is something they should copy in church?  Where is common sense these days?

The SECOND CHARACTERISTIC OF SATANIC MUSIC IS THE ENDLESS REPETITION AND HYPNOTIC BEAT OF DRUMS AND SOUND.  This is a characteristic of most all occult rituals in Africa, Haiti and other places, indeed, this is where the original secular musicians who started heavy metal and Rap went for their inspiration.  The whole style of Rap music comes directly from voodoo chanting.  It is still used in voodoo rituals around the world.

Many try to defend Rap by saying it is a culture.  The word culture is just another word for religion. True, Rap is actually a religion — voodoo!

In fact, in my wide experience of talking with people around the world, I have found that Rap is absolutely addictive!  If you listen to Rap, and get upset when anyone comes against it, I CHALLENGE YOU — completely stop listening to Rap as a sacrifice unto the Lord, for a whole week.  I don’t believe you can!  Try it!  You will find out just how addicted you are to Rap!

If you will study the history of heavy metal and Rap, you will find that both of them come from secular pagan and satanic musicians who got their inspiration from the music of occult rituals.  Both of these styles of music are a direct copy of the music used in occult rituals.  As these two style of music became so popular in the world, they were adopted in the the Christian churches.

You have a choice to make — which do you want to imitate and serve?  The world, or Jesus Christ.

ReRebecca Brown imagebecca Brown of the Harvest Warriors Ministry.



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