Satan’s Devices: Lesson 1 – Wrong Marriage — 3 Comments

  1. So true, only if we as christians can just be alert of the devil’s devices @ all times. It is of great importance to consult GOD when choosing a partner. We need GOD’s guidance

    • But what do you do when you have married and did not ask God first. Do you get a divorce and start all over? Just asking.

  2. I agree with most of this post.  Some good ideas there.  One should definitely seek Godly wisdom when choosing a spouse.  I even agree that God can and does bring couples together because He’s good, our Father and Benefactor.  However I do not see in the Scriptures, save one or two cases in the OT, where God chooses and ‘sanctions’ one’s spouse for them.  I don’t believe Paul ever mentioned such a thing.  God may do that for some people as we are all different, however, it shouldn’t become a broad requirement if God’s Word hasn’t made it one.