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Saturated in Simple Silent Surrender — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you for this word. Tears filled my eyes for the joy set before me knowing Christ does and will get alllllllllllllllllll the Victory! I am expectant this Spring to see God aligning His people, His Will and His Way for each of us seeking Him in Spirit and Truth. That’s what you do Sandi! God bless you richly in Christ Jesus in all your coming and going and rising and sitting!

    • BOY! IT is a DOWNPOUR in the natural this morning in TN and the wind is high high high..how prophetic and a preview of what shall soon be in the spirit, Mary, Mary. We better brace ourselves for impact for it will be a cleansing, outpouring Perfect Storm!! Blessings, Sandi Hoilman

  2. God has been moving and directing our paths if we will listen, God has been calling us all to be praying forward to paths he has destined for us to walk in to complete our destiny on earth. All the food clothing silver gold music teaching preaching prophesying words, and miracles must be prayed for so you can walk these paths that you and our Father have prepared together your part is just to make yourself wholly available to HIm. The discernment needed to hear the voice of the Spirit rather than the soul requires a very quiet tender heart to be able to divide between the soul and Spirit to discern the innermost part of one s being to know what you truly desire to know what you are truly about, this sacred place is where God wants us to walk in this latter rain outpouring of the Spirit of God, bringing the earth into a flood stage place of God s outpouring where the flood comes and takes us all away (good word fully agree)

    • Thank you Jay always for you input of much clarification and especially I am grateful for your agreement. So BE IT! Blessings, Sandi

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