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Woe to Those Who Destroy the Earth! — 5 Comments

  1. This word saddens me.  My heart aches for this nation of America.  Lord I know we are a stiff necked fallen people.  I repent Lord God for myself and our nation of America that has rejected you and your Word.  Have mercy on us Lord God.  We are a fallen people and don’t recognize our spiritual condition; our chosen isolation from you.  We parish for a lack of knowledge.  We are ripe and due for your judgments and shakings.  Lord I bring to your remembrance that your Word says that you would have that all would be saved.  So, please save all those who can possibly be saved Lord God.  Hide us under the shadow of your wings and reprove us of all our transgressions.  Give us a knowledge of you and a fear of you.  Grant us repentance, deliver us from our sins and turn us to a saving relationship in Jesus Christ.

    My heart goes out Lord God to all the people suffering in East Palestine OH and all those in the fallout zone.  Please get them out of harms way and bring them to a place of safety.  Heal them and cleanse them of all the toxins they’ve been subjected to and embrace them and bring them into your Kingdom. 

    I pray this now in Jesus Name. Amen, amen and amen.

    Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers and answering them in Your perfect timing and will.

    • I pray in agreement with John. Please God have mercy on our country the USA. We need so much help and are blind in many ways. Help us see our need for repentance and help us to humble ourselves and repent. Please save more and bring more into the saving confession of Christ is Lord and believing in their hearts that you raised Him from the dead. Bring more salvation of souls into your kingdom. God please also help the animals that were affected by the explosion in Ohio and the inhabitants both human and animals/bugs/birds in the neighboring states. We can’t fix this on our own. We need help. Please help us. Thank you. In Jesus name, Amen.

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