Seeing The Unseen


It is certain, that if you are going to be used of God in this hour, you will have to listen closely to the Spirit.

You will be asked to speak things, you might otherwise not wish to say.  These are indeed perilous times.  There is treachery afoot in every place.

Hearing the voice of the LORD, will make the difference in whether we succeed, or we fail.  It will determine which direction we are to go in, and how we will help lead our families and others.

How many times did Jesus make that statement, “He that hath an ear, let him hear”?  He continued it in the final book, with, “What the Spirit, sayeth to the churches.”

My age group, saw some things that those coming after us, likely did not see or experience.  We actually observed first hand, when the devil manifested himself during our services.

It might be a surprising number who have seen the forces of darkness, cast out.  From the time Christ began His ministry, He did these things.  And the apostles that followed, also did the same.

This subject has been dealt with very little in these latter times.  It is rare, that you hear someone ask, “Why is that?  Why don’t we see that today?”

Someone will have to stand in this time, and declare that they are still there.  A post from a dear brother last evening, had tears rushing up to my eyes.  He spoke about the things we are yet supposed to be doing in the church.  It shook me.  Today, I was led to a particular chapter that left me disturbed, and heavily burdened.

There were evil spirits in young children during Christ’s ministry.  It was cited more than once.  I wish to avoid saying this; I’m so careful about bringing it to mind.  But, it’s true.  Some of us, have heard the voice of a grown person, speak through a child.

Why is this subject relevant today?

Why would the Spirit desire that we talk about such things?

It’s to prepare us.  The devil got smart, years back.  He began to realize, that he could do more evil work, by remaining hidden.

I have come to fully believe, that he is going to return to the ways he once acted among us.  We must not forget, that he is very vain.  And because he has always desired it, he thinks he already controls everything here.  It even appears that way sometimes.

He is not afraid of lukewarm church folk today.  He gets great joy and much credit, with those who choose to follow their own program, and not the Holy Ghost.  Those who have not exercised their true spiritual senses or their gifts, or have experienced dim and waning vision.

Along with most of us, our children have been exposed to every kind of violence anyone could dream up.  It would bring laughter to many, if someone said,that many of these creatures and beings that are being portrayed, may not be what they appear to be.

What so many are feasting on today, is often pure demonic presentation.  Let’s speak plainly.  Only someone with the gift of discerning of Spirits, would know and see these for what they really are.  Even those full of the Spirit, could discern, that something is amiss here.

Evil spirits in people, are committing atrocious crimes in our world today.  And it’s getting worse.  Those who are following their own program and following a form of godliness, are in for a great and rude awakening.

What will happen, if evil spirits began to manifest themselves in their services again, and even in their homes.  It is also likely, that we have also entertained evil spirits, unawares.

And they may be in people we never dreamed they were.  This, is a call to battle.  Alerting us, to prepare for what is surely going to come.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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Seeing The Unseen — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Brother for your words.

    It is inside the Body of the Christ that the disobedient antichrist spirit for and foremost is at work.
    The first dream that the Lord gave me when I was ‘newborn’, was about a separation inside christianity.
    Until that time I had believed that every christian who believed in Jesus were “saved”.

    “But He turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of Luke9:54

    About demonic spirits there is something the Lord have learned me is that things that (to the world) seems ‘harmless’ like watching ‘Midsommer murders’ and such things in reality is to remain in the spiritual realm of the ‘law of sin and death’ .
    Because, God is LIFE and LIFE only, so to be entertained by death – because it is entertainment if someone has to die – is a sin.

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