True Love’s Kiss Awakens the Sleeping Beauty


For two days now, I have had this beautiful and stunning vision where I have seen the Prince of Glory, Jesus, bending down and passionately kissing His Church (His beautiful Bride).

In this captivating vision, I saw the Church as a “sleeping beauty.”  A cry came from deep within my heart, “Arise, arise and shine My beloved and beautiful one”.

In this vision, the atmosphere was heavy with a tangible weightiness of love, glory and an intoxicating fragrance of heaven.

In this season, I prophesy the sleeping beauty is being aroused and awakened by her, “True Love’s kiss.”

Friends, in this vision, I saw that the Bride of Christ (sleeping beauty) has long been paralysed by the spirits of fear and shame.  For too long, she has believed the lies of the enemy which have rendered her powerless and impotent.  The shackles of shame and dishonor have kept her from fulfilling her true Kingdom purpose and destiny.

Today, I saw many in the body of Christ who have felt side lined, misplaced and rejected.  I saw many highly gifted and greatly sons and daughters living in isolation and pain.  They have stayed hidden, many held back from their true purpose.

They have lived and walked in fear of what others think, and what others may say.  Their voices have been locked up and contained.  Many have feared that what they carry is not good enough, they have feared letting others get too close because if they know and see their true hearts, they would be rejected.

Many have feared hurting others or being hurt by others.  But God answers, “Beloved, arise and come forth, I call you by name.  There is no fear in love, for My perfect love drives out all fear . . .”

Then I saw Jesus, the mighty Prince, riding onto the scene.  He comes not to bedazzle the sleeping beauty with His sword or with His mighty hand.  He does not come to crush the enemy.  No, but it is with “True Love’s kiss!.”

An act of radical love so radically sacrificial, so radically giving, so radically loving, so radically gentle, so radically passionate, that His kiss melts the hearts of ice.  Instantly she is awakened, fully revived, fully restored, fully renewed and fully empowered she arises in greater power and authority.  She arises to the power of abundant life and true identity.

Watch for in this hour, “True Love’s kiss” is being released from heaven.  Jesus the Prince of Glory is coming swiftly to His sleeping beauty to awaken her true identity, purpose and destiny.

Yes!  In this hour, I believe that there are many in the body of Christ who are already being aroused and awakened to the power of “True Love’s kiss.  They are being radically revived, restored and renewed.

The kiss of life, liberty, power and authority is causing them to truly discover and fulfill their Kingdom purpose and destiny.

I see hearts being ignited with fire and power for greater impact and influence in the midst of increasing darkness.

I prophesy:  Light is diffusing the darkness, light and love is pushing back the powers of death and destruction.

Watch!  The awakened ones will awaken others to arise and shine.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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