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  1. This is for Mark, praying for you brother!  praying God will provide a close knit fellowship, home church possibly, or small group of loving, God seeking believers! God doesn’t want you alone. Try to stay off meds if possible. God will help. Praying that you are able to find a good job and a home fellowship!!

  2. I’m trying to seek God here … lost my job two months ago and it is difficult to find work , something around the same pay too . I start stumbling back into my old sins from time to time … I’ll keep trying to overcome . I keep trying and showing up for church meetings , outside of that – living alone feels isolating in the body of Christ as I want God and want to desire God above all else , just feel disconnected without family outside of the church activity . I am realizing a lot of people are struggling like myself … I think God is using this to draw people back together and form relationships / family beyond the church building . I am not sure anyone understands my thinking here and have been told to see a doctor and get on anxiety pills .

    I’ll keep trying to persist through this . Say a prayer for me . My faith is week but I keep worship music on and keep praying to God for help .

    • You are most certainly NOT alone brother. Sadly the church has failed beyond its doors and occasionally even within. Although I cannot physically be there with you I am with you in Spirit. I too know that loneliness of which you speak. Trusting the Lord to deliver from hardship is always the hard part of faith. Nonetheless, persevere in that trust for it will most certainly not fail you even though you become certain that it will. Been there.

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