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The Prophetic Warning of 2 Samuel 24 for 2024 and Beyond — 8 Comments

  1. Keep sharing Veronika.
    Mary’s comments are important. The types and shadows of all of those feasts of the Lord are of great significance to us and genuinely prophetic. Many are still being fulfilled. Cherish mentioned Isaiah 40 and this is very powerful. It is the basis of John the baptist’s ministry in preparing the way for Messiah’s arrival. He preached to God’s covenant people to the heathen telling them to get ready.
    If that happened for Jesus’ first coming, we should expect similar messages to herald His return—often overlooked for the sake of having “revivals”.

    On September 1, I will start my 55th year with the Lord and in the latter half of my Shemittah. I am Jewish by natural birth and met Jesus in like manner to Paul’s conversion. I am an ordained non-denominational pastor, reaching into 28 nations around the world. My ministry motto is ”Preparing the way”.

    God is a God of all the world, not just America. Please weigh up prophecies that speak like that.  I live in Australia and we too have “prophetic words” one from Smith Wigglesworth. In the 1400’s, a Spanish explorer by the name of Ferdinand DeQuiros, named the area in the Pacificy, “Australia Terra Del Espiritu Santo” that means the South land of the Holy Spirit. Test all prophecy!

  2. We are now in the Hebrew month Elul (Aug.17 pm thru Sept.15 pm 2023), the final month on the Hebrew civil calendar. Elul is known as “The King is in the Field”. In ancient Israel the king would come down in one month and set up his tent to dwell among his people. We are Christ’s permanent dwelling place. Elul is called the month of repentance, forgiveness and mercy.  It is also called “the eye of the needle” month, (we must decrease to make it through this narrow way). It is a time of introspection and preparation for the fall Holy Days. The tribe for Elul is Gad who was known as a fierce warrior.

  3. This is truly an ALL or none place in time. He deserves nothing less than ALL.
    It’s cost me everything, but it costed Him more.
    The persecution is evil and very very cruel.
    What He’s been showing me is in Isaiah 40. He tells Isaiah to tell His people that beauty, like the grass and flowers of the field, is temporary, for the breath of the Lord blows on it and it withers up and blows away. But the Word of God stands forever. I’m a shadow of the “pretty” world I once reflected. And there is nothing about me that would draw man to myself, but the beauty I’ve chosen is in the Eternal Reflection of the Beautiful of my Maker. This has placed a bullseye on my back for Jezebel, who’s taken over the Mountains of GOD’S Nations.
    But He’s given me the grace to endure. And I know I’m not alone.
    I pray for His Remnant daily, i believe Donald Trump is a part of that group, as well as many others who’ve been maliciously maligned and persecuted before a watching world, and we will rise up victorious and strong in the Spirit of our Lord, and nothing and no one will take away our Joy ever again.
    God bless your beautiful heart Veronika, thank you for sharing…..and for not giving up!!

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