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Signs in the Rivers of Red! — 7 Comments

  1. This is amazing. Unspeakable message from God. So touching and inspiring word by word that I had to read these again and again to plant them deep inside. God’s prophet like you scatters the light of joy and hope on the earth. Thank you for your love and sacrifice bringing His Kingdom into the world..★

  2. I was struckwith joy and surprise reading the header:
    Yesterday at work, after eating my “bread” (praying bibleverses at my workplace at luchbreak),I think or later at home, I can’t remember clearly now when: I saw a red line (of vine line wood, or what it is called in English), where only blue litte grapes (rather not bunches of grapes), where hanging on. Behind was all black darkness, but the grapes begann to flow in a red juice (or wine) like a big flood, flowing and flowing.
    It remembered me of homegrown vine at a garage wall of a friends home nearby. Little blue grapes on a red vine plant network at the wall.

  3. Blessed by the Word of the Lord! …mighty woman of God! The “mixture” God deals w/is critical for end-time harvest of souls. We see, uncompromised prophetic voices sacrificing self and savoring the Word. Not propping the profane, but projecting and proclaiming the Name. Jesus. The Remnant arising and every enemy scattered!..by the Word – made flesh in lives of the Believer. A New Tabernacle not made w/hands is forming – kindreds becoming 1 in the Lord. A New Nation – holy – as His priesthood. Yes! 1Peter 2:9,10

  4. Incredible!!
    I searched the name Levira, the name of the distillery. It’s meaning in Hebrew is “Joined in harmony, watchful.” :)
    I was listening to a testimony earlier this week of a man the Lord took Up and showed him his mansion in the Kingdom of Heaven. The man pleaded with the Lord to let him stay there but the Lord reassured him not to worry, this is cooming to the Earth…..this reality hit me like a ton of bricks, awakening me to the absolute Power of the One Who is Truly releasing the Kingdom of God upon the Earth……I mean WOW!!! HALLELUJAH!!!
    For such a time as this!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

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