Silent Carriers of Death

2 Words in 1

Real and True Prophets

Real and true Prophets never have to announce that they are a Prophet.

The works they do speak for them.  But there are eight kind of Prophets that I’m seeing in the church now:

  1. Incomplete Prophets:- they only prophesy they don’t know that it’s more to being a Prophet than just giving a word.  They usually operate with a familiar spirit.  They attract prophesy junkies.
  2. Immature Prophets:- they have not matured spiritually in the Spirit or things of God.  They may operate in witchcraft divination and evil.  They are a loose cannon bringing destruction.  They attract renegades because they both are out of control.
  3. Egotistic Prophets:- they think that they are a god to the people.  They are full of pride and think that everybody should bow to them.  They operate with the spirit of Leviathan and Jezebel/Ahab combination.  Most people dealing with rejection follow them because they are already beaten down and they make them think they the only one that care.
  4. Delusional Prophets:– they think God is only using them and are always trying to discredit anyone else that prophesies.  They always attack other persons character.  They usually release a Python spirit over the lives of the people.  Most insecure people following them because they tell them things that make them feel important.
  5. Profit Prophets:- they only have a word when it’s time to take an offering to make people think they can be blessed no matter what.  They operate in a Balaam spirit.  Most people that are not givers or sowers attach to them because they assumed they can buy a blessing.
  6. Seasonal Prophets:- they only become Prophets during the holidays pay days or tax season.  They operate with a Saul spirit they only prophesy when they need to get the attention of the people to accept them.  They usually attract those that are in lack or poverty because that’s when they usually only have money.
  7. Inmate Prophets:- they give smooth words to those that are unrighteous to draw money out of them.  They operate with a Pharaoh spirit keeping the people in a place of bondage.  They draw hypocrites sinners and those with issues to make them feel good in their mess to milk money out of them.
  8. Righteous Prophets:- they don’t want your money applause or your friendship they just speak what thus saith The Lord.  They operate totally completely in the Spirit of God.  They attract those that are trying to live holy obedient and righteous because they are willing to be corrected chastised and corrected.

Sometimes I wonder do people have any discernment at all.

Silent Carriers of Death

This has been one of those mornings when I have just been listening to The Lord about some things.  He keeps speaking to me about SILENT CARRIERS OF DEATH!  These are persons who don’t hold titles, don’t have positions, but maneuver among the congregation like a rat, sneakily, often undetected but the evidence is visible even though you may never see it.

They move among the Body of Christ causing destruction and damage they always employ others to spread the infection of chaos and confusion.  They attached to the one person in the church who does all the gossiping and lying and messing, using them as their decoy.

These persons church hop, because once they do their damage, they then leave, letting their decoy be held responsible for their damage.  You know them, the ones who are always seeing something wrong with the Pastor, the ones who always say they feel something funny, the ones who have everybody who has influence in the church, working witchcraft.

The one who always says God sent them to be a watchmen, and God showed them everything and everybody.  The one who is so deep in discernment and who says everyone is jealous or intimidated by them.

They stay low keyed, but seems to have a connection to those who can stir up trouble.  It takes a very keen and watchful eye to detect silent killers, because they are not really visible.

As a leader, you can’t take things at face value.  You have to look with a spiritual eye.  There have been times in my position as a leader when people have tried to make others look like the enemy.  They would set the person up to seem disloyal, or an enemy, when in reality they were the enemy all the time.

I have had them try things through text messages, phone calls and sometimes I allowed it to play out just to see what they were truly up to, and often it was to turn the person against me, or to get them to leave the ministry.  I have watched that one be done over and over again, with those who are in leadership.

We have to be more watchful in this hour because the enemy is shrew and cunning.  In this hour I take everything to The Lord and seek Him about everybody.  We can’t afford to make mistakes or connect to those that are not part of the assignment or process.  There is too much work to be done in the Kingdom of God to allow these elementary distractions and demonic decoys to cloud the focus and to stop the momentum of vision and to interfere with the harvest of souls waiting to be won to the Kingdom of God.

People just watch fight and pray in this hour.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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