Rebuilding the Altar


There was a wonderful woman we used to know many years back now.  She was one of the most anointed choir directors we ever had and a powerful and dynamic singer.  I learned so much from her, and those beautiful individuals who accompanied her.  There was a song that she recorded that came back to me today.  It was, “I find my Altar, anywhere I talk to God.

We are always inspired, by those who pray.  I observed, that the greater their prayer life, the more anointing flowed through them.

There was something very special, about kneeling down at those benches that we called altars.  First of all, it was comfortable and there was a certain feeling we got, when we went there.  And oh, the many times we gathered around someone, to help them, to encourage them and help pray them through, as we once said.  I know about progress; we all do.  As churches grew larger, the style of the platform changed and somehow, those old type of benches seemed to disappear.  Perhaps it was easier for many more people to come up to the front with much bigger crowds; time marches on.

There is something I have been given permission to say; but not so much at that.  In too many ways, this medium has become a very toxic place.  To be honest, I’ve never before heard people talk the way they talk here.  It’s not like Christ would talk; the Holy Ghost does not speak of others, in such a manner.

Someone very close to me said this evening, that there are many who always had this kind of spirit, even within the church.  And that before social media, you just didn’t see it as much.  Now, their attitude is out in the open before everyone; bitter and sweet water, out of the same vessel.

This note, is not about those people.  Somebody, needs to talk about the perilous times we are in.  And most of all, how we are going to survive all of these things.  

Many are living in fear; I find myself fearful also.  I’ve been in a combat zone; I learned that a bit of fear, is very smart.  It makes you pay attention more, and not be foolish about the actions you take.  Or, the things you say. I see that one thing is missing here. In one of those zones, your very life depends on pulling together, and looking out for each other.  The only way to overcome that fear, is to pray; and to pray in the Holy Ghost.  That is what builds us up in Him; also, reading His Word.

We each need an altar; especially in our homes.  We used to hear, that families that pray together, stay together.  Maybe that’s why so many families, don’t stay together anymore.  I found, that it is hard to fight and pray at the same time.

Perhaps we do not need to be as intense as some used to be in that manner.  But it does seem that those who did such, stayed together longer.  There was a kind of warmth in that home, that you often didn’t find in other places. It was not so much about what you had; it was more about how very thankful you were, and about truly caring and loving one another.

In one writing, it says that God’s people had been in captivity, and they were returning home.  Because their hearts had turned, they said, we cannot sacrifice unto God on this old tainted bench of sacrifice; we must rebuild the altar.  And they did. It also says, that those priests that had become polluted, were removed from their places and those who were approved, were put in their stead.

It’s no time to be concerned for what others are following, or how they are conducting their sacrifice.  Our altar, can be bowing down on our faces, before Him.  Leave the others alone; let them be.  Most of us learned how to really pray; we do know how to touch God.  We need to rebuild our altar; wherever that is.  We must do it now!


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. Twice I saw dead tree stumps, both with fungus growing on them. The stumps were spired, like cathedrals, the fungus beautifully shaped and colored. The dead stump is the present apostate church, and the fungus a beautiful substitute for the fruit of the Spirit.