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  1. There are prophets on this website that are saying they have been ordered by God not to release prophecy because God has plans to deal with their disobedience. But I thought the word says to help but hate the sin that contaminates them and avoid that sin. I thought Jesus said to not reject someone who reaches out for help?

    • Dear Hope,
      Thanks for your question.
      When The Lord gives prophets information about a person or situation, there are occasionally times when special circumstances occur, in which a Word may only be released, according to the specific conditions in will of The Lord – and at His timing. 
      Quite often, such sensitive information is time-embargoed, in other words, it may not be released until other things, other events, have happened first. 
      The Lord take it very seriously if a prophet breaks this time-embargo and releases a Word prematurely, as it may have a detrimental effect on the works which The Lord is doing in that person’s life.
      Failing to give out information which The Lord especially wants to be kept private, is not rejecting anyone, but respecting The Lord’s wishes.
      Under these circumstances, it is up to the prophet to minister as appropriate and as led by the Spirit, without revealing the embargoed information.
      I pray your understand how and why this may occasionally happen, and this I have answered your question.
      Blessings in Christ.

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