Most people think perhaps that those perilous times that the apostle spoke to Timothy about, is only about the world and those who do not know God.  It would be so much better if that were true.  But there is one statement at the end of this list, that causes one to sit up and reconsider.  It’s that part about “having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof,”  2 Timothy 3:5.  We know that these things are happening now at an even greater rate with people that do not know God or even wish to.  As never before.

But, what about those who say they are in the body of Christ.  The world does not have a form of godliness; they could care less.  What about those of us whose fruit, does not back up who we say we are.  If you want to see just how fierce some of these can be, just dare question them in any way, or try to speak something you believe the Spirit is saying to the church.  You know, it’s easy to point out how many false prophets there are, but fail to see that we can’t really point out the ones we believe are genuinely anointed.

Some things are glaring; you don’t even have to be spiritual to see it.  The first way to detect the imposters, is that they are void of humility; but, don’t you dare call them on it.  Can I say this as nice as I know how.  It does not matter who we think we are or what title or office we claim to hold.  It’s about Him.  And if it is not all about Him, it’s mostly about us. It might surprise some, even on here, that it’s very obvious what spirit these people are operating in.  I only speak for me.  I never cared for harsh, demeaning preachers.

We can correct, exhort, even rebuke those we have been sent to.  However, if it is not done with longsuffering, and real scripture to back it up, we are harming many people.  And such as these, show no remorse for doing so.  They claim power, authority and positions they no longer deserve; or maybe never did.  I still have a hard time taking in that too many, have called themselves.  Jesus said He did not call them, and He didn’t send them anywhere.  We were told we were out of order and had the wrong spirit for saying such a thing; judging if you please.  Oh, but the apostles, thought so too.

Another translation of this word, is “brutal.”  There are so many scattered sheep, that we cannot even count them anymore.  Every last one of us who say we are ministers of the Gospel, even laity, need to get down on our faces before God and stay there.  What we’re seeing, is either soft-soaping, shallowness about self and money, or those who are pure tyrants with a rule of law; all about the money also.  Love, peace, gentleness, meekness, goodness.  That’s how all people will know, that Jesus, has just passed by.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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