Sleep On Now…


And He said, ‘What, could you not watch for even one hour?’   In the midst of some of the greatest agony He had ever known, those who were closest to Him, were asleep.

I never fully realized until now, that Jesus talked to His Father, three times, about this cup He was being asked to drink.  He asked his friends, to watch while He prayed; they didn’t.  How many of us, has He also asked to watch, even now, but we’ve drifted off again.

I see there is another terrible earthquake in Nepal; things were so bad already.  I observed an international news cast, interview a man who had totally lost his home, and some members of his family, while he had been away in another country working.  He was so pitiful; he could not help but sob deeply; he had no desire to live.  Yet, on the same program, a painting by a renown artist, was sold in an auction house, for $171 million dollars; after the dealers fees were added.  It seems that the billionaires of the world, had gathered there to bid; while so many others are hungry.

We talk about so many here, being asleep.  We speak of how we see so many in the church, that are asleep.  I wonder, just how many times, Jesus has come to us, asked us to stay awake and watch, and He has returned, to find us asleep.

Will He finally say to us, Sleep on now?  What’s done, is done.  How many times do you attempt to wake someone, before you give up, and let them sleep?   I hear many prophecies going forth on here [Facebook], about a great awakening that is beginning, and how so many are going to be blessed.  “Your best days are coming; all that you’ve waited for.”

I don’t argue with that; I pray to God that’s true.  But, we need to go back, and once more, read just what Jesus said about this hour and the days to come.  I don’t hear Him talking about the wonderful prosperity, some are proclaiming.  Oh, we are most definitely going to rise in power, if, we keep going deeper into the Spirit.  But, it will be in preparation for battle; the roughest battle we’ve encountered to this day.  We need to go back and read what Apostle Paul also said about these last days.  I thought, He spoke of “perilous times.”

Yes we should rejoice, and we should be happy and grateful, and “think on these things.”  But redemption, is not here; it’s yet to come.  The redemption that draweth nigh; from all of the trouble that will come upon us.  If I sound negative, I apologize.  But I find it difficult to dance and rejoice, when we are truly on our faces, in the floor, before God.  We can’t dance and shout, more than we travail; rejoicing comes after the deliverance.  Many are no longer enduring sound doctrine; the true doctrine that Jesus presented.

We cannot have mighty Revival, without true repentance.  Let us ask ourselves, just why would the Spirit bring such an outpouring again upon us, when we don’t even love one another as we were told to do.  If we cannot obey the commandment Christ gave us, to love one another, as He loved us, why would He reward our state of such indifference.

Many keep saying that America, should be the first to repent; doesn’t that mean us?

Are we not railing on one another, rather than praying for one another.  We throw a scripture at others which says, “My Spirit will not always strive with man.”

Is it possible, that He will soon say, sleep on now.  The hour is come.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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