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Why Some of You Absolutely MUST Start Singing Again! — 5 Comments

  1. Absolutely true brother. Let’s continue to pray and never give up cause ABBA is on the move cleaning, sanctifying and purging his church.

  2. Dear Robert,

    everything you mentioned here in detail has been in my heart and thoughts since a long time!!! It makes me so incredibly sad that you can hardly enjoy worship anymore because it is so deafening loud that it hurts my head….At conferences it is especially the case so that I most times had to leave though I had paid for it.
    The sound on the microphone is mostly not clear too so that you can hardly understand what they sing and it makes it impossible to hear the voices around you or the voices of the whole congregation…
    The light shows and the dark blue church atmospheres I see remind me more of a disco set than of a holy sanctuary…
    It „must“ be like this to get the youth in“ is the argument…..!!!
    I oftentimes write and mention that I want the „real fog“, the Glory Cloud of the Lord, instead of this…..!

    I cling to all the prophetic words that say that the „real“ heaven born worship will at least break through in times to come and do a mighty work in those who are assembled.

    I hope you know the book of Scott McLeod who was shown this change to come and happen. Title: „Snakes in the Lobby.“

  3. Blessed Holy Spirit, I pray You will renew and refresh the gift of singing You implanted within me when I was only eight years old.
    Forgive me, Father, for stepping back so often. So often, I allowed myself to think,I was not needed or wanted in the choir or singing as the Spirit led me. I felt trampled upon and my spirit was crushed so many times within the last 20 years. Forgive me, Father, for giving up. I ask, in the name of Jesus, for forgiveness and renewal. Please also strengthen our brother Robert.

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